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How Tall Is Salvador In Borderlands

A fixit fic where Maya's powers accidentally send the Vault Hunters back to the beginning. Armed with the knowledge of what will happen, they try to save Pandora while preventing what went wrong from happening again.

How tall is salvador in Borderlands

It is humorous to think that most of the other characters have to be over 6ft tall. I remember seeing some random NPC in Sanctuary who I looked directly in the lower stomach. He had to be a good 7ft tall relative to Salvador.

I'm around 6ft perhaps a bit taller depending on shoes for those curious, thats when I'm not slouching (which is pretty much never). 16 years old, 17 in October. I have a beard to rival Salvador's. Haven't actually measured my height in well over 6 months, but I'm pretty sure I already got all my height.


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