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A Comprehensive Guide to BibleWorks 9: Features, Benefits, and Free Download

  • SCREENSHOTS Use you back button to return to this page after viewing the screenshots.Screenshot 9.1Previous version screenshots Screenshot 8.1 Screenshot 7.1 Screenshot 7.2 Screenshot 6.1 Screenshot 6.2 Screenshot 5.1 Screenshot 5.2 Screenshot 5.3 Screenshot 5.4 Screenshot 5.5 Screenshot 5.6 REVIEWS Use you back button to return to this page after viewing the reviews.Review by Daniel J. Phillips, of Biblical Christianity, May 03, 2006"Time would fail me to tell of thirty-two English translations, plus versions in twenty-two other modern languages. Now, free tools such as the valuable E-Sword also have a lot of free versions. What they don't have is the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic resources built in to BW7...I'm very enthused about this version, and heartily recommend it to any serious student, particularly to anyone who's a student of the original languages. It is an amazing resource, a treasure house."Read full review.Web log for the Bible Software Review, run by Rubn Gmez, June 24, 2006Read full review and comparison of Accordance 7, Bibleworks 7, Logos 3.BibleWorks reviews collected by, 2006Read reviews.BibleWorks 6 Review by Dave Sunman,, November 2004"BibleWorks 6 is a comprehensive, versatile and incredibly powerful tool that will enable anyone to search through any of a large number of Bible versions for individual words, combinations of words appearing in the same verse, alternative words, phrases and just about any other combination that can be thought of. Searches are easy to set up and very quick". Read full review.BibleWorks 5 Review in Evangelicals Now, Sept 02 issue, page 22 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PC compatible computer (Mac & Linux users click here)Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8DVD driveMinimum 512 MB RAMMinimum of 1GB to a maximum of 15GB hard drive spaceSound card for Video DemosInternet connection and Internet Explorer 6.0+ needed for the built-in Internet updater.

VERSIONS Upgrades from all versions not just 7 & 8 and Network/Bulk buy editions availableSee Pricing below for older versions and upgrades

Bibleworks 9 Free Download

FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD We are sorry but no free, or trial versions are available for this software title. Cheaper earlier versions may be available or you may purchase and return your product unopened, uninstalled for a refund. Some products may have a manufacturer satisfaction warranty of up to 60 days which we/they will honour. On some products we offer a 30 day exchange for another similar or better product or guarantee up to a 90 day 90% credit upgrade to an improved or superior software title. On some products competitive upgrade pricing or part-exchange may be available. To date, the size of the BibleWorks program (over 12GB, compressed, for BibleWorks 9) has mitigated against its being made available by download. A 12GB fileset would take 9 hours to download at 3 Mbps (the 2010 average download speed). At 1.5 Mbps it would take 18 hours, and at 768 Kbps it would take 35 hours. As more customers gain access to wide broadband connections, BibleWorks will increasingly consider making distribution by download to client computers available as an option.No matter what connection speed a user has, in addition, users will want to back up their installation files. A 12GB backup poses significant requirements (DVD-Rs hold only 4GB per disc).A thin-client (cloud) version of BibleWorks poses other challenges. Experiments so far indicate such a version would incur unacceptable performance penalties. In addition, protection of the copyrighted databases included in BibleWorks is more difficult in such a version. Because of these two challenges, BibleWorks currently assesses the cost of maintaining a separate thin-client version so significant that it would drive the overall end-user cost of BibleWorks to unacceptable levels. Should future technology advances permit a single version to be used cost-effectively in both thick- and thin-client modes, or should thin-client architecture in the future substantially supplant thick-client applications, BibleWorks will then offer a thin-client version. ( -02701)

BibleWorks 10 is distributed either by download or in a media version on a flash (thumb, USB) drive. In either case, no CD or DVD drive is required for BibleWorks installation: instructions for accomplishing the installation appear here. While a download order of a new BibleWorks 10 license immediately provides a BibleWorks 10 activation code, those wishing to upgrade from a previous BibleWorks version cannot make use of the download until their code is transmitted to them following the purchase of an upgrade license and the validation of their previous version's activation code or serial number.BibleWorks versions 3 through 9 were distributed on optical drive media (CDs or DVDs). (A beta download capability for BibleWorks 9 was tested but is no longer available; none of versions 3 through 9, therefore, can be downloaded.) The use of external media provides two options for installing these versions of BibleWorks to devices without optical drives, such as certain netbooks and mobile devices:

1. Verify that the external hard drive has sufficient free space. (For BibleWorks 9, the installation files total about 12 GB. For earlier versions the requirement will be less.)2. Connect the external drive to a computer that does have an optical (DVD or CD) drive.3. Insert the Program Disk (Disk 1) in the computer. If an Autoplay window opens, click Open Folder to View Files; otherwise, cancel the prompt to install BibleWorks if it comes up.4. If it has not already opened, open My Computer (also known as Windows Explorer) on the computer. In Windows Vista, 7, or 10 go to Start Computer. In Windows 8 search for File Explorer.5. Verify that both the external hard drive and the BibleWorks disk are visible in the My Computer window.6. View the contents of the external drive by clicking the icon for it in the folder tree.7. Create a new folder named "test" on the external drive, make that the active folder, then proceed.

1. Start the computer to which BibleWorks is to be installed. 2. Check to make certain that there is enough free drive space for the installation to be performed.3. Mount the external hard drive or flash drive by plugging into a USB port. Wait for Windows to recognize the drive. This action will install BibleWorks from the folder you had copied to the external drive.- If a window opens offering choices, select the option to open a window to view the files on the drive.- If no such menu appears, it may be necessary to open a Computer or My Computer window to view the contents of the drive.4. If necessary, open the folder that contains the BibleWorks files.5. Find SETUP.EXE and double-click on it to execute it. (If file extensions do not display, the EXE will not show. The file to be executed must be an Application file. The icon will appear in blues and whites, and the file type will be an application file.)6. Follow the installation steps from this point as prompted. Reboot the computer when the process is complete.

If you purchased the download version of BibleWorks 10, we've developed a much easier way to download and install the program. If you're running Windows and you'd like to try a beta-version of the BibleWorks 10 downloader, follow the steps below to try the new downloader.

We've developed a simple way to download BibleWorks 10. Right now, this is a beta program and is only recommended for Windows users. The installation file set is very large (17.6 GB) and depending on the speed of your connection, may take many hours, or over a day, to complete. You must have a fast, stable connection for the download to work.

Your temporary download link will last for 48 hours. After that your link will expire. Customers are permitted to generate a total of two temporary download links.Ifthe download is interrupted, you can resume by restarting the Downloader.

After the Downloader finished downloading the installation file set, we strongly recommend that you backup your installation files to some form of removable media. Without a backup of the installation files, you will be unable to re-install BibleWorks on your computer or on a new computer and will be charged a replacement download/media fee.

The installation files for BibleWorks 10 are stored in a .ISO image file. To download the .ISO image file for BibleWorks 10, please enter your activation code below and press the Submit code button.

We strongly recommend that you backup your .ISO image file to some form of removable media. Without a backup of the file, you will be unable to re-install BibleWorks on your computer or on a new computer and will be charged a replacement download/media fee.

After downloading the .ISO image file, please follow these instructions to install the program. Users running Windows 8, Windows 10, or OS X/macOS should folow the instructions above. These instructions below only apply to Windows XP/Vista/7.

Bibleworks 8 is an imposing application for the Bible readers which will allow you to prepare sermons and for performing complex morphological analysis. This application is considered as indispensable which will also allow you to write seminary paper. It has got more than 200 Bible translations in 40 different languages and 50 plus original language texts and morphology databases. You can also download Logos Bible Software 4 Platinum.

Bibleworks 8 has got a highly configurable user interface that has got a layout which will let you work the way to want. The tabbed search interface allows you to pursue several lines of investigation at the same time by keeping various different searches open simultaneously. As you will move the mouse over the Bible text, loads of information about the text is quickly displayed in the Analysis window beside the text. This application comes with loads of Greek New testament texts, Hebrew Old Testament text and LXX texts. Almost all of the major English versions are included in the BibleWorks which are KJV, NIV, ESV, NLT, ASV 1901, RSV, NJBm NET and CSB etc. Bibleworks 8 has got lexicons and dictionaries for Greek and Hebrew lexicons. You can also download EasyWorship 6.


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