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Forgiveness is hard to do. You cant just forgive people like that, it might take time for you to just think about something that happened. Some things are easier to forgive than others.

For example, my sister got mad at me for wearing her sweater with out asking. Now maybe a few hours later I forgave her. Now, I didn't forgive her for her. No, I forgave her for me. You see, forgiving people is more beneficial towards you than the other. There isn't a weight on your shoulders anymore of carrying that on you.

Another example, when i cam out to my dad as bisexual in quarantine (im pan now but whatever), he yelled at me and made that conversation about him. It took me months to forgive him for that. I found that it was tiring for me to carry the weight of being angry at him for…

Andrea Alfonzo
May 5, 2021 · joined the group.

hi everyone my name is cyane. i've always managed to get myself in trouble and never been able to forgive myself. i think it started in 5th grade when i lost my first friend group i'd ever had. this past year i got a best friend, the first one i'd had sense the 5th grade. but a few months ago we split apart and it's been really hard because i feel like its my fault. she was the best thing in my life and i just haven't been able to forgive myself. i just stuggle to accept that friendships come and go.

May 4, 2021 · joined the group.


Hey everyone! This is for venting about forgiving or needing...
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