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gender dysphoria :p

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Hello, introduce ur self and share ur preferred pronouns, If you want to talk or rant or ask questions about anything under the topic of gender dysphoria, ur welcome to share. be kind <33 (u can share social too if u want hehe)

My name is ari, i'm currently 17 turning 18 soon. I use she/they pronouns atm and have been experiencing gender dysphoria for about 7/8 months, since i changed my pronouns. i've been thinking a lot about them and wondering if i should change them to different ones, but i'm not too sure what i'm most comfortable with yet. I've been trying to experiment mostly with they/them and he/him (still using she/her), with clothes, make up, hair, introducing myself outload alone in my room. anything i can, but i still have trouble figuring myself out :p any help? (twitter and snap: mobbinari)

January 17, 2021 · changed the group description.

A place where people can come talk/share/vent about their gender dysphoria/envy. If anyone needs help trying to feel comfortable in their own skin, or if anyone wonders if they are experiencing gend. dysphoria/envy.

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    A place where people can come talk/share/vent about their ge...
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