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Meltdown Deep Freeze Download 14

Hello. I have deep freeze, and i had tried your meltdown and it doesnt work. the message is DeviceIoControl reports failure (1), please help me, i need to close deep freeze.thanks in advance. ( and excuss my english)

Meltdown Deep Freeze Download 14

You are a genius thank you very much, you could perform the meltdown for the version of deep freeze 8.30, since when I use your application of my sale an error saying: "This DeepFreeze version is NOT supported"thanks.

Hey,could a forgetfull fellow get any help with deepfreeze I manage a school, and we have 30 laptops with deepfreeze, the old it guy took off and we would like to reinstall windows and get ssd-s in them but we dont know the passwords....:( I tried meltdown but it doesent work, i knew it wouldnt but i hoped :) Will you update meltdown to support newer deepfreeze installs or nope. thnx

Thanks for the reply.1. yes we have a valid license, but it will be an ear sweating phone call with them and i wanted and i hoped for a shorter route.2. thank you, good to know :)3. Finally we cloned them with deepfreeze in frozen state without a problem...but still there is the problem with the passwords....Anyhow thanks for the reply, and the help ;)

Hi, R/Kao, I've deep freezer V 8.61 installed (don't wanna uninstall) i forgot my passwordI've need any tool like meltdown for password recovery. i'll be glad if you can do anything formy issue. Thanks


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