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Labview 20 Character Activation Code

  • Borrow the Labview CDs from the Computer Operators

  • Obtain the Serial Number using your PIN code.

  • Install your LabView Software

  • Obtain the Computer ID (see below).

  • Obtain the Activation code for your computer (see below). If your computer is connected to the internet use that by quoting the serial number and your computer ID after selecting the product (LabView).

  • If your computer is not connected to the internet find a computer which is connected to the internet and access the web page (given below) and by quoting the serial number and the computer ID (on which Labview is to be used).

  • Launch the License Activation Wizard and quote the 20-character activation code.

Labview 20 Character Activation Code

DO NOT QUOTE THIS CODE - It is given here for illustrative purposes only.The Activation code is generated by quoting the serial number and the computer ID (which is 16 character code).

You can get an activation code using any computer that has an Internet connection. NI does not require that the computer on whch you run NI software have Internet or email access. For more information on activation, refer to your product documentation or visit

  • The following Information have to be entered : Product : Labview *** This will be filled in by default

  • Operating System : Windows ***

  • product version : 2011 ***

  • Serial Number : Enter this (9 character code)

  • Computer or Device ID : Enter this (16 character code)

  • First Name : Enter this

  • Last Name : Enter this

  • Organization : Cambridge University

  • Email Address : Enter your email address

In order to activate any NI software you need a 20-character activation code. The computer ID (16-character) is used along with your valid serial number to activate any copy of the software and generate the activation code.

I believe you are a little confused. The 20 character code is the activation code that comes from NI Activation Process. I don't believe you have to worry about the computer ID because it automatically finds that.

I would suggest using the WEB Activation within the Activation Wizard. This will generate all the information you need to enter into the boxes on the web form. After filling this out you will get your activation code that you can copy and paste into the 20 charater activation code box within the Wizard.

The window that follows has activation codes already filled in, simply click on next. You will then be presented with a window asking for your name and organisation. You may at this stage also select not to register the product if you wish. The next window contains the option "send me email confirmation" of this activation. MAKE SURE you select this option. The activation wizard then tries to contact National Instruments over the internet. Installations so far have returned a message saying that an error occurred. If you now choose to exit you should subsequently receive an email with all the activation codes together with activation instructions. The machine then asks you to restart. The LabVIEW Core software DVD should now be installed.

You must be connected to the Internet to successfully obtain a license file from SPSS to register the program. Failure to use the License Authorization Wizard will result in a license file that expires in 2 weeks. You will receive a 20 character authorization code on your Order Summary. If you have a server defined on your Order Summary, you have ordered the Admin version.

XCAP is a family of sophisticated, interactive, imaging programsspecifically designed to support the PIXCI series of framegrabbers, but also able to process and analyze images from otherimaging sources. Several versions of XCAP are available: XCAP-Plus,XCAP-Std, XCAP-Ltd, XCAP-Lite, and XCAP-Viewer. All versions sharethe same user interface and menu structure, but selected featuresin XCAP-Std, XCAP-Ltd, XCAP-Lite, and XCAP-Viewer are notoperational. XCAP is distributed on CD/DVD, or downloadable fromthe EPIX, Inc. website. After installation, a 12 characteractivation or ID code[6] is entered to configure XCAP as eitherXCAP-Plus, XCAP-Std, XCAP-Ltd,[7] or XCAP-Lite; or, lacking a validactivation or ID code, configured as XCAP-Viewer.

Notes: (A) For XCAP-Lite, the PIXCI frame grabber isassumed installed and open for use, otherwise XCAP-Lite providesthe same features as XCAP-Viewer. Use of XCAP-Plus, XCAP-Std, orXCAP-Ltd with missing authorization key provides the same featuresas XCAP-Lite. Use of XCAP without activation code, or never havingbeen configured for an authorization key, provides the features ofXCAP-Viewer.(B) The Save, Import, and Export Graphic features are notavailable in XCAP-Viewer, XCAP-Lite, or XCAP-Ltd.(C) For XCAP-Viewer, images may not be saved; images may notbe loaded directly from an Internet URL. For XCAP-Lite, Save ImageSequence is only available in TIFF format; images may not be loadeddirectly from, or saved to, an Internet URL; and does not supportimage ''stack'' options.(D) For XCAP-Lite, the Sequence Capture to Image Files onlysupports TIFF format.(E) The maximum amount of frame buffer memory is dependent ona the characteristics of the PIXCI imaging card, the operatingsystem, and of XCAP software. The PIXCI CL3SD and SI2 haveon-board frame buffer memory, other PIXCI imaging cards usecomputer based frame buffer memory. The PIXCI CL1, CL2, D,D24, D32, D2X, D3X, SI, SV2, SV3, SV4, and SV5 are designed toaccess up to 4 GB of computer memory. The PIXCI A110,A310, D3XE, E1, E1DB, E4, E4DB, E4G2-2F, E4G2-4B, E4G2-F2B,E4TX2-2F, E4TX2-4B, E4TX2-F2B, E8, E8CAM, E8DB, e104x4-2f,e104x4-4b, e104x4-f2b, EB1, EB1G2, EB1-PoCL, EB1G2-PoCL, EB1mini,miniH2B, miniH2F, miniH2x4F, mf2280, EC1, ECB1, ECB1-34, ECB2, EL1,EL1DB, ELS2, SI1, SI4, SV7, and SV8 are designed to access up to16 EiByte of computer memory (a theoretical limit, as nocurrently available computer system provides 16 EiByte ofmemory). For XCAP-Lite, a maximum of 256 MiByte of computerbased frame buffer memory is supported (but allows one fullresolution image buffer w/out size restriction). On 32 bit systems,XCAP-Plus, XCAP-Std, and XCAP-Ltd support up to 4 GiBytes ofcomputer based frame buffer memory. On 64 bit systems, XCAP-Plusand XCAP-Std supports up to 16 EiByte of computer based framebuffer memory; XCAP-Ltd supports up to 8 GiByte of computerbased frame buffer memory. The maximum available computer basedframe buffer memory is also limited by the computer hardware,configuration, and memory used by the operating system and otherapplications.(F) Camera specific controls provided for cameras supported byPIXCI E8CAM, ELS2, SI, SI1, SI2, and SI4, and for many digitalcameras supported by PIXCI CL1, CL2, CL3SD, D, D24, D32, D2X,D3X, D3XE, E1, E1DB, E4, E4DB, E4G2-2F, E4G2-4B, E4G2-F2B,E4TX2-2F, E4TX2-4B, E4TX2-F2B, E8, E8DB, e104x4-2f, e104x4-4b,e104x4-f2b, EB1, EB1G2, EB1-PoCL, EB1G2-PoCL, EB1mini, miniH2B,miniH2F, miniH2x4F, mf2280, EC1, ECB1, ECB1-34, ECB2, EL1, andEL1DB; the 'PIXCI Camera Info' feature shows the specific,customized, support provided for each camera.(G) For XCAP-Lite and XCAP-Viewer, the Palette feature doesnot include save, load, import, or export, nor the ''ExtractBright/Dark Reference'' features.(H) The Save Data feature is not available in XCAP-Viewer.(I) For XCAP-Lite and XCAP-Viewer, the Pixel Plot feature doesnot include statistics, save, export, or multi-image ''stack'' or''plank'' options. For XCAP-Viewer, the Pixel Plot feature does notinclude printing.(J) For XCAP-Ltd, XCAP-Lite, and XCAP-Viewer, the Modify, Setfeature does not include non-rectangular regions.(K) For XCAP-Ltd, XCAP-Lite, and XCAP-Viewer, the Measurefeatures do not include calibration.(L) For XCAP-Ltd, XCAP-Lite, and XCAP-Viewer, the Line Profileis limited to straight lines.(M) Subject to the amount of frame buffer memory versus imageresolution yielding more than one frame buffer.(N) Software implemented White Balance and Color Corrections(in contrast to a camera's feature) is provided for SILICONVIDEO and other selected cameras; XCAP-Lite providesautomatic, continuous, white balance (AWB) only for SILICONVIDEO cameras. The XCAP-Lite does not provide custom colorcalibration from a Macbeth chart or other color reference.(O) Software implemented AGC/AEC (in contrast to a camera'sfeature) is provided for selected cameras; of those, XCAP-Liteprovides AGC/AEC only for SILICON VIDEO cameras.(P) For XCAP-Lite, the Sequence Capture does not include thegraphic overlay of time stamp features, nor the strobe featuresadded by software (as selected in the Sequence Capture dialog); anystrobe features provided by the PIXCI frame grabber or camera(either inherent or selected in the Capture & Adjust dialog)are available.(Q) For XCAP-Lite, ''triggered'' sequence capture is providedwhen the camera is, itself, triggered (often referred to as ''AsyncReset Mode''); sequence capture from a free-running camera wherethe trigger or event is handled separately is not provided.(R) For XCAP-Lite, the image printing feature only supportsuse of the operating system's image printing feature(s), notprinting via EPIX imaging drivers.(S) The Save Graphics, Save Data, Export Data, or multi-image''stack'' features are not available in XCAP-Viewer or XCAP-Lite.The Print feature is not available in XCAP-Viewer.(T) For XCAP-Lite, the sequence capture to virtual memory islimited to using 1 GiByte of virtual memory For XCAP-Ltd, thesequence capture to virtual memory is limited to using4 GiByte of virtual memory. The operating system'sconfiguration may impose additional limitations.(U) Interactive control of the lens is provided, but notautomatic aperture or automatic focus features in XCAP-Viewer orXCAP-Lite.(V) Software implemented Pixel Normalization or Flat FieldCorrection (in contrast to a camera's feature) is provided forSILICON VIDEO and other selected cameras; of those, XCAP-Litedoes not provide Pixel Normalization in generic Camera Linkmode.(W) Frame-less full screen is not available in XCAP-Lite,XCAP-Viewer, or under Linux.(X) Software implemented Contrast Enhancement (in contrast toa camera's feature) is provided for selected cameras; of those,XCAP-Lite provides manual, but not automatic contrastenhancement.(Y) The Save Graphics, Save Data, Copy Data, and DescriptiveStatistics features are not available in XCAP-Viewer orXCAP-Lite.(Z) The Contrast and other enhancements of the magnified areanot available in XCAP-Ltd.(W95) Feature available only under Windows 95, 98, and ME.(Win) Feature available only under Windows.


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