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Arul Nool Tamil Pdf 35

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arul nool tamil pdf 35


Karuththana endhaidhan kannana, vannak kanagaverpinperuththana, paal azhum pillaikku nalgina, per arulgoorthiruththana paaramum; aaramum, sengaich silaiyum, ambum,muruththana mooralum, neeyum, amme! vandhu enmun nirkave. 9

Ninrum irundhum kidandhum nadandhum ninaippadhu unnai;enrum vananguvadhu un malarth thaal!-ezhudhaamaraiyinonrum arumborule! arule! umaiye! imayaththuanrum pirandhavale! azhiyaa muththi aanandhame! 10

Aasaik kadalil agappattu, arularra andhagan kaippaasaththil allarpada irundhenai, nin paadham ennumvaasak kamalam thalaimel valiya vaiththu, aandu kondanesaththai en solluven?- eesar paagaththu nerizhaiye! 32

Porule, porul mudikkum pogame, arum pogam seyyummarule, marulil varum therule, en manaththu vansaththuirul edhum inri oli veli aagi irukkum un_dhanarul edhu!- ariginrilen, ambuyaadhanaththu ambigaiye! 36

Aiyan alandhabadi iru naazhi kondu, andam ellaamuyya aram seyum unnaiyum porri, oruvar thambaalseyya pasundhamizhp paamaalaiyum kondu senru, poyyummeyyum iyambavaiththaay: idhuvo, un_dhan meyyarule? 57

Vizhikke arul undu, abiraama vallikku; vedham sonnavazhikke vazhibada nensu undu emakku; avvazhi kidakka,pazhikke suzhanru, vem paavangale seydhu, paazh naragakkuzhikke azhundhum kayavar thammodu, enna koottu iniye? 79

Udaiyaalai, olgu sembattudaiyaalai, olirmadhich senysadaiyaalai, vansagar nensu adaiyaalai, thayangu nun noolidaiyaalai, engal pemmaan idaiyaalai, ingu ennai inippadaiyaalai, ungalaiyum padaiyaavannam paarththirume. 84

Thesynonymous versions of the phrase are virtually unlimited, because the usage of the word 'Ayya' in tamil varies widely. It's used to describe: father, guru, the superior, a person of dignity, respectable one, master, the king, the teacher, preceptor, etc. The word 'vazhi' in tamil varies as: the way, a course of conduct, manner, method, mode, cause, antiquity, succession, religious system, reason, and so on.

TheKroni, the primordial manifestation ofevil, was fragmented into six. Each was destroyed in successiveYugas; finally, Kaliyan (the last) will be sentenced to hell after the final judgement which led to the consideration of Ayyavazhi towardsdualism. Kaliyan is called an evil spirit which came to the world. So it was commonly accepted that the destruction of the maya (evil spirit) was symbolised in such a way.[77] But the scripture is most commonly concerned withUltimate Oneness right from the beginning to the end. So the dualistic views were contrasted by the monistic narration. Also the contents ofArul Nool, based on the teachings ofVaikundar, which were believed to be written by arulalarkal and Citars, is completely monistic.

Akshara Mana Malai[Scented Garland arranged Alphabetically]By Bhagawan Ramana MaharshiTranslated by P. R. Ramachander[Bhagwan Ramana was a great sage who lived in the Arunachala Mountains inThiruvannamalai. He was not a sanyasin and used to make it clear that he was nothaving any Guru. His scholarly nature and the life of utter simplicity that helead, attracted lot of great admirers to him. I am quoting verbatim about how hecame to compose this great work: 'During the early years of Sri Bhagavan's abodeat Virupaksha, Palaniswami and others used to go into town to beg food for thesmall group of devotees, and one day they asked Sri Bhagavan for a devotionalsong to sing as they went. He replied that there were plenty of sublime songscomposed by the Saints, many of them neglected, so there was no need to composea new one. However, they continued to urge him and some days later he set out onpradakshina round the Hill, taking a pencil and paper with him, and, on the way,composed the hundred and eight verses. Tears of ecstasy streamed down his faceas he wrote, sometimes blinding his eyes and choking his voice. The poem becamethe great devotional inspiration of the devotees. All the pain of longing andall the bliss of fulfillment are mirrored in its glowing symbolism. Theperfection of Knowledge is combined with the ecstasy of devotion. And yet thismost heartfelt of poems was composed from the standpoint of the devotee, of onewho is still seeking. It is also an acrostic, its hundred and eight versesbeginning with the successive letters of the Tamil alphabet. Nevertheless, nopoem could be more spontaneous. Some devotees asked Sri Bhagavan theinterpretation of some of the verses and he replied: "You think it out and Iwill too. I didn't think while I was composing it; I just wrote as it came."Quoted from This entire prayer in Tamilscript along with Tamil explanation is available in meaning was written by a close devotee of the sage called Muruganar. It isunderstood that several times he used to have discussion with the sage about thepurported meaning of each verse. The famous translation in to English by ArthurOsborne is available in In many casesMr. Osborne has given two different meanings for some verses. This translationis terse. After reading both these translations, I have written my owntranslation in English verse, about my understanding of what is written. Thefirst word of the title is 'Akshara'. This would mean either 'Alphabets' or'that which never decays'. Each of the 108 verses commence with the differentalphabets of the Tamil language. Due to this I am taking the first indicatedmeaning. The second word is 'Mana'. This word in Tamil would either mean'Marital' or 'Scented'. Most of the commentators prefer 'Marital'. They claim itto indicate the Nayaki-nayaka Bhava in the verses. But I would prefer the secondmeaning 'Scented'. That is why I have translated the title as 'Alphabeticalscented Garland'. Since my aim of transliteration is to provide identity of theverse, I have taken some independence in doing it so that verses are morereadable. Please refer to the original in case of doubt. 'Arunachala' literallymeans 'Mountain of the colour of the purple sun.'. This mountain is situated inThiruvannamalai of Tamil Nadu. Devotees consider the mountain itself as a formof Lord Shiva. 'Arunachala' can also refer to Lord Shiva who is consecrated inthe temple near 'Arunachala.']PayiramTharuna aruna mani kirana vali nigar, Dharma kshara mana magizh malai, Theru nadiya thiruvadiyar theru maral, Theliya parvuthal porualakk, Karunkara muni Ramana riyanuva, Kaiyinar choliyathu gathiyaga, Varunachalamena ga arivodu, Mazhvar shivanugamalware.MuruganRecommending verse.This joyful scented garland, Which resembles the beam, Of the rays of the rising Sun, Was requested for by his devoteesWho chose the streets for removing The delusion and make people understandAnd this was composed by Ramana, Who was the ocean of pity.Those who choose to tell this as their refuge, Would understand that they are Arunachalam, And reign in the land of Lord Shiva.Murugan** Murugan is one of the great devotees of Bhgawan Ramana.Prayer to Lord Ganapathi Arunachalavarketha Akshara malai chatha, Karunakara Ganapathiye Karamaruli kaapaye. Oh merciful Ganapathi, give a hand and help me, To make a garland of letters suitable for Lord Arunachala.Refrain ( this refrain has to be chanted after each verse)Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva.Arunachalamena agame ninaippavar, Agathai aruppai arunachalane. 1Oh Arunachala, cut of the pride in the minds, Of those who meditate on Arunachala.Azhagu sundaram pol agavum neeyum utthaBinnamay iruppom arunachalaa. 2Oh Arunachala, like the words Azhagu in Tamil, And Sundaram in Sanskrit mean the same beauty, Let our mind and you be not different and be same.Agam pugum theerthu, unnaka guhai chirayai, Amarvithathen kolo arunachalaa. 3Oh Arunachala, why did you enter in my mind, Drew me, made me imprisoned in your mind?Aarum kavenai yandanai yagathidil, Akhilam pazhithidum arunachalam. 4Oh Arunachala, after having drawn the useless me, If you remove me later, the world would find fault with you.Ippazhi thappunai yeninai pitha, Yini yaar viduvaar arunachalam. 5Oh Arunachala, get rid of this bad name, Oh Mad one, who would leave you now.Yeendridum annayir peritharul purivo, Yidhuvo unadharul Aunachala. 6Oh Arunachala who is kinder than my mother, This is indeed your great grace.Unaye mathi odathulathin mel, Uruthiyayiruppai Arunachala. 7Oh Arunachala, please change yourself, And sit firmly on my changing mind.Oor chuthu ulam vidathu unnai tatangida, Un azhagai kattu Arunachala. 8Oh Arunachala, show me your beauty, So that my mind, which wanders round becomes firm.Yenai azhithippo yenai kalava vidil, Ithuvo vanmai Arunachala. 9Oh Arunachala, Are you man enough, So that you destroy my ego, And merge me with yourself?Yen inda urakkam yenai pirar izhukka, Ithu unakku azhago, Arunachala. 10Oh Arunachala, Is it pretty for you, To be asleep when others drag me to things bad?Iympula kalvar agathinir pugum pothu, Agathu nee ilayo, Arunachala. 11Oh Arunachala, Are you not within me, When the thief of five senses enters within me? Oruvanaam unnai olithavar varuvaar, Un chootheyidhu, Arunachala. 12Oh Arunachala, If the one who hides you, Appear before me, it is only your deceit, Oh GodOmgara porul oppu uyar villoy, Unai yaar arivaar, Arunachala. 13Oh Arunachala, who is great and incomparable, Who can claim ever to know you?Ouai pol, yenakku un arulai thandu yenai, Aluvathu un kadan, Arunachala. 14Oh Arunachala, It is your bounden duty, To control me after giving your grace, just like my mother.Kannukku kaanai kannindri kanunai, Kanuvathu yevar paar, Arunachala. 15Oh Arunachala, you watch over me yourself, To help me see you with the eye of the eyes, When I am trying to see you with my eyes.Kandham irumb pol kavarndu yennai vidamal, Kalandhu yennodu iruppai, Arunachala. 16Oh Arunachala, be always with me, Like the magnet attracting a piece of steel, And be always merge with me never leaving me.Giri uruvagiya kirubai kadale, Krubai koorndu arulvay, Arunachala. 17Oh Arunachala who is the ocean of mercy, With the looks of a mountain, please bless me with your grace.Keezh melengum kilar oli mani yen, Keezhmayayai paaz chey, Arunachala. 18Oh Arunachala, Who shines like a gem, In the minds of the great as well as the base ones, Destroy this quality of baseness within me.Kutham uthu aruthennai gunamay paninthal, Guru uruvay olir, Arunachala. 19Oh Arunachala, destroy all the crimes that I have committed, And make me pure, through the mouth of the teacher.Koor vaat kanniyar kodumayir padathu arul, Koorndu yennai Cherndhu arul, Arunachala. 20Oh Arunachala, Be merciful with me and bless me, So that I do not fall in the hooks of the bad ones, with sharp swords.Kenjiyum vanjiyay konjam irangilai, Anjel yendru arul, Arunachala. 21Oh Arunachala, like a deceiver you have not shown pity on me, In spite of my begging, Please tell me, not to be afraid.Kelathu alikkum un kedil pugazhai, Kedu cheyyathu arul, Arunachala. 22Oh Arunachala, do not spoil your fame, Of giving without asking, by not giving to me.Kaiyinir kaniyul mey rasam kondu uvagai, Veri kola varurl, Arunachala. 23Oh Arunachala, bless me with the exuberance of happiness, By using the juice of the truth of the fruit in my hand, Kodiyittu adiyarai kollunai kkatti, Kondu engan vazhven, Arunachala. 24Oh Arunachala, how will I Ever live, As a slave to you who kills, Without killing his devotees? Kopamil gunathoy, kuriyay yenai kola, Kuray yen cheythen, Arunachala. 25Oh Arunachala, who is never angry, What great did I ever do, to make you, Choose me to receive your grace?Kowthamar pothum karunai maa malaye, Kadai kanithu aalvay, Arunachala. 26Oh Arunachala, who is the mountain of mercy, Which is being worshipped by sage Gowthama, Please see me with your side long glance and bless me.Chakalamum vizhungum kadir oli ina mana, Salasa malarthi yidu, Arunachala. 27Oh Arunachala, who is the light that swallows all, Please make the lotus of my mind open fully.Chappadu unnai charndhuna vaayaan, Santhamay pavan Arunachala. 28Oh Arunachala, when I approached you for food, You made me your food and made me peaceful.Chitham kulira kkathir atham vaitha amudha, Vaayai thira varun mathi, Arunachala. 29Oh Arunachala, with a view to cool my mind, Open the nectar like mouth of the bud of my mind.Cheerai azhithu nirvanamai cheythu arut, Cheerai alitharul, Arunachala. 30Oh Arunachala, Remove the cloth that covers my mind, Make me nude and again grace me with your cloth of grace.Chuka kadal ponga chollunar adanga, Chumma porunthidanga Arunachala. 31Oh Arunachala, to make my mind ebb with pleasure, And to make my senses under control, you occupy my mind.Choothu cheydu yenni chothiyadini un Jothi uru kkattu, Arunachala. 32Oh Arunachala, from now on, do not test me by deceit, And show me your form which shines like a flame.Cheppadi vithai kkathu ippadi mayakku vittu, Uru ppadu vithai kkattu, Arunachala. 33Oh Arunachala, do not show the magical showsTo make me completely confused, And show me that which would build me.Cherayenin mey neera yurugi kkan, Neeral azhiven, Arunachala. 34Oh Arunachala, If you do not unite with me, I would melt like water and be destroyed by tears.Chaiyena thallin chey vinai chudum amala, Uy vagai yethu urai, Arunachala. 35Oh Arunachala, if you push me away with disdain, Oh pure one, my actions would burn me, And so tell me how should I live and win.Chollathu cholli nee, chollara nillendru, Chumma yirundhay, Arunachala. 36Oh Arunachala, without talking you talked to me, And told me to stop talking and you kept quite.Chombiyay chumma sukhamundu urangidir, Chol very yen gathi, Arunachala. 37Oh Arunachala, If I lazily sleep in pleasure, Tell me, what other way to get away is there for me.Chowriyam kaattinai, chazha kathathu yendre, Chaliyathu irunday, Arunachala. 38Oh Arunachala, you showed me your prowess And the darkness in me vanished, And you remained still motion less.Gnamaliyir kedaa naan yendru uruthi yay, Nadi nin urave, Arunachala. 39Oh Arunachala, I am worse than a dog, For when did I ever steadfastly seek you.Gnanamillathu, un asayar thalar vara, Gnanam therithu arul, Arunachala. 40Oh Arunachala, I sought you without wisdom, But did only get tired because of my desire, And so grace me with the wisdom to seek you.Jnimiru po neeyum malarnthilai yendre, Ner nindaranai, yen arunachala. 41Oh Arunachala, When I as a bee wanted to enter you, And when I thought that you have not opened like a bud, To my surprise I found you standing in front of me.Thattuvam theriya thathanai yuthay, Thathuvam ithu ven, Arunachala. 42Oh my Arunachala, when I did not know the innate philosophy, You yourself stood before me as the same innate philosophy.Thane thane thathuvam idanai, Thane kattuvai Arunachala. 43Oh Arunachala, please show and make me realize, That you, yourself are the innate philosophy.Thirumbi yagam thannai dina maga kan kaandu, Yeriyum yendranai, yen Arunachala. 44Oh my Arunachala, You told me to turn and see, Within myself, so that I will know it.Deeramilakathir thediyum thanayaan, Thirumba vuthen arul, Arunachala. 45Oh Arunachala, by your grace I searched inside, Without inner courage and got you again.Thupparivilla ippira ppen bhayan, Oppidavaye, yen Arunachala. 46Oh my Arunachala, what is the use of this birth, Without the innate knowledge, and then why, Should I try to compare it with that of others.Thooy mana mozhiyar thoyu mun meyygam, Thoyave yarul yen Arunachala. 47Oh my Arunachala, please bless me to merge within you, Before the others with purer mind merge in you.Dheivam yendru unnai charave, yennai, Chera vozhithay Arunachala. 48Oh Arunachala, when I bent towards you, Thinking you are my God, you pushed me away.Thedathu uttha na thiru varu nithi yaga, Thiyakkam theertharul Arunahala. 49Oh Arunachala, You are the divine treasure, That I got without searching for it, And bless me with a stable mind.Dhairiyamodu mun meyyaga nada yaan, Thattazhithen arul, Arunachala. 50Oh Arunachala, when I tried to approach you with courage, The boat of mine tottered and I fell down and so bless me.Thottarut kai mey kattidaa yenil, Yaan attamaven, arul, Arunachala. 51Oh Arunachala, If you do not merge in me, When I extend my hands to touch you, Then I would become, a useless thing.Thodamini yagathodu ondri yendrum, Chandhoda ondirda arul, Arunachala. 52Oh Arunachala, You who are without flaws, Merge with me from the inside and grace me, To merge with the ever lasting joy, inside you.Nagaikku ida milai nin nadiya venaiaru, Nagai Yittu paar nee arunachala. 53Oh Arunachala, this is not the time to laugh at me, Who has sought and approached you but please see me, After adorning me with your grace.Nanilai naadita naanayondri nee, Thanuva niranai arunachala. 54Oh Arunachala, without shame you stood like a pillar, When I came myself, seeking you, instead of helping me.Ninneri yerithenai neeragidum mun, Nin arun mazhai pozhi Arunachala. 55Oh Arunachala, before I turn to ash due to your burning adviceRain your nectar like grace on me, please.Nee naan ara ppuli nithangali mayama, Nindridu nilay arul Arunachala. 56Oh Arunachala, destroy the difference between you and me, And bless me with the state of ecstasic joy.<


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