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numb and empty.

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hey guys i think i’m a lot better now but i was researching a lot and i think (im mot self diagnosing) that i have bipolar. i hope y’all are doing okay and taking care of ur selves pls stay safe you are loved

i think I'm just soooo tired of trying. my best friend who i met last year recently decided we couldn't be best friends because we were "losing interest" which was true but idk my life is so crappy without her and i want her back because she was kinda my last straw but i understand why she did. every day it feels harder and harder to fake my emotions because i have no one there and my mom recently got another divorce and it's gotten really bad because she gets drunk about 3 times a week and me and my brother just feel like we're responsible for her and it's breaking my heart because we used to be so close but now she just relies on alcohol and men. i'm just so close to attempting again and i just no longer feel like any thing is worth while.

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