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The impacts of hunting, nevertheless, may also depend on the ethnic origin and dietary preferences of the local assemblages of hunters (e.g. indigenous; caboclos, which are descendants of Indigenous peoples with Europeans, among others) (Peres 2000). In the northern Brazilian Amazonia, where the Government provides incentives for non-Amazonians of European and African ancestry to immigrate to the newly created human settlements (as in this study), long-term monitoring of their taboos and hunting practices is critical for assessing the impacts of hunting on primate assemblages (see Levi et al 2009, 2011).

download hunter x hunter 146 indonesia

The settler families have a low income, and frequently practice deforestation and forest burning both inside and outside their plots to clear the land for pasture and to plant crops. Because these plots are located within the forest, this is easily accessed and this facilitates a form of hunting which is practiced indiscriminately and without any control by the local government (as in Melo et al. 2015; R.B.L. personal observation). Additionally, settlers are entitled to 'subsistence hunter permits' granted on request by the local office of the Federal Police (Melo et al. 2015; A.R.M.P. personal communication). The settlements are:


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