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Roland Virtual Sound Canvas: How to Play MIDI Files and Use it as a MIDI Device for Other Software on Windows 7

Not likely since neither the real Sound Canvas series nor the virtual versions (SC-VA inlcuded) support real LA synthesis that defines MT-32 and CM-32/64 like synths (and thus MUNT). SC devices are only romplers that contain a CM-32/64 compatible sound bank at Bank MSB 127 and a CM-32/64 compatible drum set at channel 10/Program 127 ( most likely this is what you have found). But they only work somewhat with titles that only use the default instruments. Games/Midi files that try to reprogram/modify the sounds the same way as can be done on a real MT-32 compatible synth fail on the whole Sound Canvas series ( but work with MUNT). MUNT emulates Roland MT-32 and similar synths incomparably much better than any Roland SC devices ever did.

roland virtual sound canvas windows 7 download


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