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Smash 4 Dlc !!TOP!! Download Cemu

i have downloaded with Wii U USB Helper Super smash bros Wii U + DLC. I have unpacked them. Then i ran CEMU and File --> Install game and DLC --> I selected the meta.xml file stored in the "meta" folder. After that, i see that correctly now I have here cemu_1.15.2\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\10145000\aoc the 3 folders meta, content and code. But if I run the game, the DLC aren't detected... i don't know why...i follower tutorials and it seems that everything is correct... do you have any suggestion please?

Smash 4 Dlc Download Cemu

Download Zip:

Now i checked again in Wii U USB Helper and i add to download a new Update file (i selcted the latest version v.304, 3GB) and another DLC file (9,27MB). I will try to unpack and install them...Probably in the DLC pack i have downloaded it isn't included the latest version of the update...


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