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sexual assault

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Hey guys. So basically my father abused me from ages 9&1/2 to 12. Right now I’m going through the prosecutors trying to get justice. The thing is, the Prosectors say there is no factual evidence. Just my word against his, but like isn’t that all they are going to get in cases like these? I mean how are people ever supposed to get justice? Is there justice? has anyone been through this, if so any advice on what to do- im 16, I have a no-contact order- the abuse has been substantiated by MANY professionals, Ive been diagnosed with PTSD etc. But the prosecutors need more I don’t understand. Isn’t my life evidence? All I’ve been through to process my trauma? idk what to do. And the thing is, he still has joint custody even though I haven’t talked to him in 4 years. He still has control over my life- I can’t even move away to start a new life, I’m surrounded by memories:


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