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sexual assault

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June 15th 2019, the worst day of my life. This day started normal, and just like every other day but would turn out to ruin my life. I had gone over to a friends house around 3 in the afternoon and was expected to be home by 10:30, me being the cautious person I am, I left 10 minutes in advance. But that's all he needed... I was walking home as a grown man cat called me and asked me to do some things for him, that i did not want to do. I simply told him no thanks and continued walking, he didn't like that. I quickly realized that he was following me and began walking faster trying to call my mom at the same time. Without me realizing he caught up to me and grabbed me by the waist pulling me into an ally that i had just passed. He called me names that I knew well and have heard others being called things like slut and whore as he started reaching his hand down my pants and overtop of my underwear which i now realize was him trying to get me to like it. As soon as he understood that I did not like it he pulled down my pants and stuck his hand into my underwear rubbing me , with his other hand he rubbed my boobs in attempt to try and make me happy. He then started to kiss me and stick his fingers into me going in and out very at a rough pace. It hurt, it burned, and I did not enjoy one minute of it. He wa going to continue but with something that wasn't his fingers before he heard someone starting to walk by. As he removed him fingers I could feel his boner ubbing against my area and started to cry more than i already was and he then used both hands to rub against my boobs while still kissing me. I felt his pants get wet right before heremoved his hands and lips from my body and walked away. I stood there leaning against a randome building crying for a good 5 minutes before realizing i have a missed call from my mother. It was 10:40 when I arrived home from what should have been a 2 minute walk. To this day my mother thinksI dont remember exactly what happened on that day but only that somethinrg happened. But I remember everything.


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