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The Singles 1992–2003 by No Doubt: A Torrent Review

MusicOMH reviewer Mark Fielding gave the DVD a positive review, calling the DVD a "very desirable package" and "must for any No Doubt fan out there".[25] He described the band as "one of the most versatile bands on the planet", performing a "mish-mash of rock, ska, reggae [and] punk" and calling Stefani's performance "her gorgeous hyperactive best".[25] He complimented the camera work as providing "superb" pictures and sound, stating that they "[captured] the concert in all its fast and furious glory".[25] In particular, he praised the performances of "Hella Good", "Hey Baby", "Don't Speak", "Ex-Girlfriend" and "Spiderwebs" and the inclusion of so many extra features.[25] reviewer Samantha Hall gave the DVD a positive review, calling the music "fun" and the DVD more representative of No Doubt's greatest hits album, The Singles 1992-2003, than their fifth studio album Rock Steady. She complimented the focus of the footage covering all four band members plus two touring members, instead of just singer Stefani, and the dancing: "the wind n' grind dancehall moments", "the No Doubt signature-stamp" and "a seemingly inexhaustible torrent of jumps and high kicks".[28] Hall singled out the performance of "Magic's In The Make-up", an album track from Return of Saturn, as the highlight of the DVD. She praised the live footage as "resplendent in near-perfection", describing the "wide range of dishy, fancy close-ups and pausing effects" and calling the sound "precision-balanced, distinct and clear". She gave the DVD 4 stars out of 5.[28]

The Singles 1992 No Doubt Torrent


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