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Phylogenic trees created with the non-structure protein gene (NS1), viral protein gene (VP1), and major structural protein (VP2) sequences. The scale axis indicates the distance in years and posterior probabilities are indicated according to the color of the branches. The phylogeny was estimated using the Bayesian continuous-time Markov chain (CTMC) method with Beast version 1.8.2. The phylogenic tree was visualized and edited using FigTree version 1.4.2, in the following order: 1: NS1, 2: NS1, VP1, VP2, 3: VP1, 4: VP2.

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Maximum clade credibility tree for the complete VP1 gene of PPV using spatial diffusion of the time-scaled genealogy modeled as a standard continuous-time Markov chain (CTMC) process over discrete sampling locations, using Beast Version 1.8.2. Scaled phylogeny of PPV inferred the geographical location states. The branches of the maximum clade credibility tree are colored according to the most probable location state of their descendent nodes. The color codes are defined in the insert legend. The phylogenetic tree was visualized and edited using FigTree version 1.4.2.


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