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Toxic Family✨

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it feels weird writing this all out but i feel like everything has been so complicated lately, i can give some backstory but its not super important. my parents got divorced when i was fairly young but i still remember a good portion of it, my dad always has lived in the country and my mom the city, around 2 hours apart. it makes it fairly hard to ever get settled in bu the complicated has not happened yet. my dad got into a relationship pretty early but my mom waited a bit. i remember a few of her boyfriends but we didnt meet a lot of them. (not that there was a bunch) anyway she ended up settling down with ill call him terry, so we got to know terry and he had a daughter and niece my age, we all got really close and formed our own little misfits group. we have lived in the same house for about 5 years and it seams like there is always something going on, my stepbrother has some issues and it takes over my home and school life, i always hear ___ is your stepbrother" and just always have to face the negative reaction to all of his mess ups, i wouldn't mind if he was a good person but he really isn't. anyyyway .my mom dropped a huge bomb that she wants to leave, like forever. now this really puts me in a bad position you know, first off i would change schools for the like 10th time, i would move to a different city second you know how awkward it will be when my 2 best friends are going to think im bailing on them and the family with no good reason. it seams self absorbed but my mom and brother both want me to be the on to tell my step siblings and my so called friends. but when i told them i didn't want to, i get called selfish. ill be moving houses at my dads and moms, changing school districts and friendless. i just feel like someone is always trying to tell me how to feel or pushing their insincerity on me.

i know i could have it worse but its just consuming my home, personal life and my mind.

thank you and im sorry if you have a situation you also don't feel comfortable in, im here to talk if anyone needs iy



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