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Toxic Family✨

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My parents are divorced so I have to go to two different houses. I have a schedule. At my mom's house I absolutely love it. It's so calm, i can stay up, take naps, eat what I want without feeling awkward, stuff like that. But sadly, it's not the same at my dad's. Over there, I live with 5 boys, my dad, my 3 stepbrothers, and my real brother.

And 2 girls, my sister, and stepmom,. I. Feel really awkward there, it feels like you're at a friend's house for the first time. The youngest of my stepbrothers always bullies me mentally and physically. I'm always in my room only to eat and use the restroom. I can't take naps because i always stay up late so my dad gets mad. I can't eat comfortably. They make fun of me for my interests then wonder why I don't talk to them and play with the rest. Feel like nobody understands the way I feel




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