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How to Chose Flattering Bikinis

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

So many people tell me I'm super picky with bikinis. I encourage you to be picky with bikinis as well because there are so many bikinis out there that look gorgeous on the hangers but are unflattering, You probably don't even realize that they are unflattering. It surprises me how few people are aware of the tips you are about to read. This article is my guide to evaluating swimwear so you can feel as confident, pretty and comfortable as possible! Here's to summer 2020!

Bikini Bottoms:

  • Don't go for bottoms with elastic on the border that digs into your skin- choose double lined bottoms instead.

  • Always pick high rise leg or medium rise leg- never low rise leg.

  • Don't wear bikini bottoms with horizontal lines on them if they're high waisted.

  • Never wear low waist bikinis- the combination of a low rise leg and low waist is the worst.

  • Any frills, accents, etc. will draw extra attention to that area and possibly make it look bigger (just something to keep in mind).

  • Bikini bottoms always look more high waisted than they really are because the bottom four inches can usually be accounted for the crotch, so don't be fooled! Try them on or make sure you look at pictures of someone actually wearing them.

Bikini Tops:

  • If you're insecure about your shoulders being too wide then don't wear a tube top because it draws attention to the chest.

  • Halter tops make your shoulders look bigger and can potentially create armpit fat. I'm not telling you to stay away from all halters, because a lot of people do look really great in them, but it's just something to be aware of.

  • Asymmetrical tops make your shoulders look slimmer and more slender.

  • Tops with straps that cover your shoulders make your shoulders look slimmer and more slender.

  • Tops with a knot in the middle draw attention to your boobs, which is perfect if you are happy with your boobs.

  • Sharp V-cut bikini tops make your boobs look saggy, especially if it's also a halter.

  • Fluid necklines are way more flattering than sharp necklines.

  • Off the shoulder tops are very flattering.

Bikini Prints:

  • Small patterns enlarge you and big patterns slim you. This can be used to your advantage- for example, if you have smaller boobs and a bigger butt than you can wear smaller prints on your top and a solid color or bigger prints on your bottom.

  • Clothing that has small patterns looks weird in pictures (tiny stripes for example).

Here is a YouTube video explaining the exact same concepts in this article, with visuals and the reasonings behind the tips:

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