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turbomachine online (tmo) is an online software application that allows you to access tmo data for the u.s. and canada for the period of 2000 through the present. the data that are viewable in tmo include data regarding turbomachine performance (e.g., power, mass flow rate, specific power and pressure), turbomachinery health (e., generator rated speed and thermal rating), turbine operations, turbine history (e., age, operating life, and on-going projects), and turbine incidents.

the tmo data can be downloaded directly to a user's computer or console account using this download link. the package will contain the data to be downloaded and an installation disk for the tmo application on mac and windows operating systems. the components of the package may be downloaded and installed separately if desired. (i.e. tmo data, tmo application, tmo database (

as a convenience, a zip file containing the latest download package is provided. the included download package should be unzipped to a folder on the computer desktop and, after installing the application, should be run by double-clicking on tmo_go.exe.

if downloading the tmo data files, the data may be downloaded from a single turbine to all turbine systems for which data are viewable in tmo (i.e., turbine, process, and turbine systems). these data files are then aggregated over multiple years for each turbine and turbine systems.

to download data for each turbine individually, i.e., just a turbine, the turbine system and process id must be specified when the application is initiated. for turbine systems, all turbines in the turbine system (including the specified turbine) must be selected and the turbine system selected before the application can be initiated. 3d9ccd7d82

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